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Otters' Moon

Otters' Moon

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Otters' Moon

Luke hates his life. His dad is busy with a shiny replacement family. His mum just isn't herself anymore. So when his mum insists they spend their holiday on a remote Scottish island, things go from bad to worse. The sun never appears, the locals don’t speak, and even the seabirds are malevolent.

Then, Luke meets Meg, who lives with her grandfather, Seth, in a boarded-up boat house on the beach. Luke follows Meg to the forbidden Puffin Bay, and discovers a surprising world, teeming with life and colour. There they rescue an otter pup, too young to survive alone. They name him Willow, and care for him while he learns to fend for himself in the wild.

But danger lurks behind the beauty of Puffin Bay, and when Meg and Seth go missing, Luke sets out to find them. Before long, it is Luke that must depend upon Willow for survival . . .

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