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Model: 9781444950670
A fresh, funny and accessible retelling of Jane Austen's classic story, with witty black and white illustrations throughout.When Elinor and Marianne Dashwood's father dies, they are forced to leave their home behind and move far away to a tiny cottage. Their lives look set to change for ever, in way..
Model: 9781408305065
Rome's greatest general, Julius Caesar, returns to the city celebrating a glorious victory. But among the cheering crowds a group of conspirators are determined to prevent Caesar becoming king... With Notes on Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre and Liberty and Power in Julius Caesar.The tales have be..
Model: 9781408305034
Foolish and bad-tempered, King Lear divides the kingdom between his two wicked daughters, disowns his honest youngest daughter and banishes his friends. As the kingdom falls apart and Lear's humiliation turns him mad, will he finally realise what he has done? With Notes on Shakespeare and the Globe ..
Model: 9780993063626
What would you do if three time-travelling knights appeared in your garden shed? And what would you do if's be polite in the blurb) passed wind a lot?Jack takes them to school where Sir Trumpsalot, Sir Gaseehad and Sir Windibot get up to some seriously silly medieval m..
Model: 9781846471476
From the instant his fingers touched her back the little cat knew. The boy was someone she would trust. Homeless and hungry, Magnificat is desperate for someone to take her in, so when she sees a kindness in local boy Ben, she is happy to give herself over to him. But a cat isn t something Ben wants..
Model: 9780008311124
Help your child master maths at home with this activity book designed to be used in 5 minute bursts. With a focus on building speed and accuracy, this book will give your 9-10 year old a head start in maths.Take 5 minutes and complete a page of maths in 3 parts:- Step 1 (1 minute): Review maths you ..
Model: 9781405294966
Luke hates his life. His dad is busy with a shiny replacement family. His mum just isn't herself anymore. So when his mum insists they spend their holiday on a remote Scottish island, things go from bad to worse. The sun never appears, the locals don’t speak, and even the seabirds are malevolent.The..
Model: 9781847159229
Cass has always wanted to audition as an acrobat for the famous Circus Boat that sails the warm seas of the Longest World. But when her chance is snatched away, she comes up with a new plan. Soon she has secured a job on the Palace Boat, following the circus around the islands. Yet Cass has been inv..
Model: 9781788950367
The dazzling exploits of The Company of Eight continue in this rich fantasy adventure…In a world where magic is so powerful it has been outlawed, Cass is a rare creature ­– an obtuse, someone who is unaffected by magic. But what has always felt like a handicap becomes a strength when sorcerers and m..
Model: 9781784294540
'If you can imagine it, it exists ... somewhere.' The second incredible instalment of a spellbinding fantasy adventure from the bestselling, award-winning author of The Last Wild trilogy.It is 1984 and forty years since Simon, Patricia and Evelyn and Larry first stepped through a magi..
Model: 9780603576263
From master storyteller Michael Morpurgo comes "The Ghost of Grania O'Malley". Everyone knows the Big Hill is full of gold, and now the islanders are intent on cutting the top off it and making themselves rich. Jessie and Jake are determined to save the Big Hill but what can they do? A plan is neede..
Model: 9781786541123
Join the adventure. Break the curse. Find your way home. A magical new adventure from the bestselling author of THE IMPOSSIBLE BOY.Victor is skeptical when Walter Swizwit comes to the village of Rainwater. He's the latest in a string of inventors passing through, and no one wants to buy his che..
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