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Model: 9780571336395
Scooters, scooters everywhere . . .Do YOU have one? Do you dare?From the illustrator of the award winning Barry Loser series and the author of Where the Wild Mums Are, comes this hilarious picture book, the first EVER about scooters. Drawn in Jim's trademark style this is sure to be a hit with ..
Model: 9781848578388
Time for bed, little deer,Quiet sounds and mind…Settle down, snuggled near,Dreams are what you’ll find.This enchanting tale of animals settling down to sleep has a lyrical rhyming text and peek-through pages, making it the perfect bedtime story...
Model: 9781405282550
A charming school story with full-colour illustrations, starring Jeff Brown’s classic character Flat Stanley.Everyone has something exciting to share at Show-and-Tell. Even Miss Plum – she has a sparkly new engagement ring. But when the ring goes missing, only Stanley can save the day!Level 2 Readin..
Model: 9781406395136
An atmospheric exploration of childhood worries and how to overcome them, by the 2000 Hans Christian Andersen Medal Winner.Billy is a bit of a worrier. He worries about hats and shoes. He worries about clouds and rain and giant birds. Most of all he worries about staying at other people's houses. Hi..
Model: 9781444950816
A laugh-out-loud tale celebrating difference, from the bestselling creators of Supertato. Now in a chunky board book, perfect for little hands to hold...
Model: 9781444937626
Mr Benn is an ordinary man who visits a fancy-dress shop where he tries on an outfit and enters a world of magical adventures!Mr Benn puts on a spacesuit and jets off to different amazing planets - one with jewels, one with no colour and one brightly coloured planet where everyone has to wear a hat!..
Model: 9781408852583
Do come to tea with Max, He has a MONSTER appetite, He eats such yucky, mucky food, His mealtimes are a fright. He LOVES to glug slug milkshake, Through a stinky hosepipe straw, And as for beetle biscuits . . . He can ALWAYS munch one more! And this is just the beginning of Max's frightf..
Model: 9781787001619
MORE STOCK ARRIVING WITHIN 7 DAYSLearning about sea creatures is great fun with this brand new Stick & Learn series. In Splash! Under the Sea, boys and girls age 3 and up will discover a different sea creature on every spread, including dolphins, seahorses, angelfish, seals and sharks. Simple, e..
Model: 9781912756926
It's a monumental day in Mouseopolis. Everyone has gathered for the grand unveiling of The Big Cheese - the most magnificent morsel the city has ever seen. But when the curtain is pulled back, The Big Cheese has gone! Can Supermouse track down the creepy crooks before there is nothing left but stink..
Model: 9781788815680
It’s a cool, still night in the garden, but Mouse is not asleep. Someone has taken her bedtime book! Where could it be? And how will she possibly sleep without it? Join Mouse and Frank the sausage dog on a brilliant bedtime romp. ..
Model: 9781848577138
This enchanting tale tells the story of a little girl who finds courage and purpose as she transforms an overgrown and neglected garden into a place of beauty, love… and ultimately hope. With stunning illustrations by Katie Rewse, this is a picture book to treasure.Age 3-6..
Model: 9781848692756
As Mouse scampers homewards through the dark, rackety wood, he hears an awful AAA-OOO! What could be making that horrible howl? Could it be Owl, Moose, Bear or Goose? Or could it be . . . a monster? Packed with stylish illustrations and lyrical text from talented author-illustrator Jonny Lamber..
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