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Model: 9781406380989
An exuberant celebration of a wonderful grandma – and grandmas everywhere!The grandma in this book is truly wonderful. She always buys the biggest ice-creams, she knows all about nature, she's brilliant at untying knots, she makes the most fantastic clothes, and she's always on your side when things..
Model: 9780711242654
Lunchbox, teacher, sharing, crayons, swing, blocks, friends, smiling… introduce your little ones to the words they'll encounter when they start nursery.My Nursery in 100 words introduces a range of different scenes and objects, from getting dressed and ea..
Model: 9780603573521
Three funny stories about a young boy and his pocket-sized alien friend, perfect for children learning to read.When Charlie finds a tiny alien in his pocket, he's thrilled to make a new friend. But Zak's excitement soon makes a mess of the house. Can the pair tidy up before Mum comes home?The R..
Model: 9781406318234
Flora and Annie are off to stay with their grandparents for the summer. The girls will travel on their own from Cape Town on the bus, and Flora is proud that their mother has put her in charge. Flora loves lots of things about staying with Ouma and Oupa: swinging on the big old tree in the garden, b..
Model: 9781848699212
Look out! Nibbles the book monster has munched his way into this book of numbers!Count along with him as he chomps his way from one to ten... But wherever will he go next?!..
Model: 9781788813082
Two by two, the animals have made it onto Noah’s ark. They all settle down for the night, but not for long . . .The bears are afraid of the dark.The penguins are too hot.The giraffes are too excited.“WE CAN’T SLEEP!” they all cry. Will Noah know how to make things just right?..
Model: 9780603573507
Telling tales lands Norman in tons of trouble in this funny adventure that's perfect for children learning to read.Norman the Knight has told so many silly stories that his family are all fed up.What will happen when a real, scaly, smoky, fire-breathing dragon comes knocking on the door of Creaky Ca..
Model: 9781848863408
Everyone in George's family is a yeti--everyone except George. When he asks why he is not yet a yeti, each family member tells George that he needs to be bigger, scarier, and more ferocious! Maybe, deep down inside, he is something else instead?..
Model: 9780008275426
Level: EYFSSubject: MathsBursting with motivating numbers activities for Ages 3-5Fully in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage, this Maths book provides reassurance whilst supporting your child’s learning at home.Combining useful Maths practice with engaging, colourful illustrations, this Numb..
Model: 9781783708963
There are pairs of socks and bears and twin black cats with fearsome stares. Matching planes zoom in the air - but just one thing is not a pair. Enjoy looking through this vibrant collection of postcards and find the hidden surprise on every one. With beautiful retro-inspired artwork by award-winnin..
Model: 9781406371581
The ancient Greek myths as you've never read them before!The classic stories of Pandora's Box and Perseus and the Gorgon's Head are re-told here in master storyteller, Marcia Williams' inimitable comic style. These splendid adaptations have easy-to-read, accessible text and brilliantly witty illustr..
Model: 9781838910259
Five little festive peas cannot wait for Christmas in this yuletide countdown with board pieces and a dazzling finale!..
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