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Model: 9781789052862
Follow the night-time ninja as he tries to avoid bedtime, then join forces with the Cake Snatcher and Cupcake Kid on their secret mission. With two super tales inside, there's so much adventure to discover...
Model: 9781788101424
Discover a fun way to get ready for school with these brilliant workbooks that provide key skills for early years. With expert-reviewed content designed for the latest curriculum, these fantastic books will build your child’s confidence and knowledge in essential school subjects. By working through ..
Model: 9781845318581
The content of the book has been applauded for its clarity, comprehensiveness, fun learning element, and straightforward approach. All the exercises are practice oriented and give children an easy start into the subject of handwriting...
Model: 9781847156167
Solving Crime in Record Time! One priceless painting. A mysterious letter. Some cheese so stinky it’s deadly. From the galleries of Paris to the palaces of Moscow, detective Wily Fox is on the trail of a stolen painting. But Dimitri Gottabottomitch is doing whatever he can to throw Wily off the scen..
Model: 9781848577237
The savannah sun sets in the sky – Meerkats play, giraffes stroll by… Cross the hot savannah and discover all of its secrets with this new pop-up book, featuring stunning artwork from Clover Robin.           ..
Model: 9781474976503
Eric Doomsday loves doing magic tricks, even though they always end up going very wrong, so he's determined to get it right for the Dreary Inkling school talent show. But when the talent-show judges reveal themselves to be hideous aliens who want to destroy the world, the fate of the planet rests on..
Model: 9781847159175
Discover the stories of 101 extraordinary women of our time.Featuring an international selection of female figures, this carefully curated collection highlights those who have achieved significantly in their fields, ranging from science and politics to sport and the arts.Empowering and inspiring acc..
Model: 9781789051742
Are you taller than a pterodactyl? What about a velociraptor? Or a scelidosaurus? Track your height with the stickers and discover awesome dinosaur facts as you grow...
Model: 9781789051759
Are you taller than a chimpanzee? What about a zebra? Or a kangaroo? Track your height with the stickers and discover awesome animal facts as you grow...
Model: 9781405287227
A brilliantly funny new series from Dirty Bertie author, Alan MacDonald, featuring a pig on a bike, a Poopomatic, and a talking dog!Meet Oscar. He’s no ordinary dog . . .Sam has wanted a dog for AGES, so when Oscar turns up on this doorstep he can’t believe his luck.And when he finds out that Oscar'..
Model: 9781784402808
Knit something special with Baby Knits Toys. With a detailed introduction to basic stitches, complete with helpful illustrations and a range of knitting patterns for sweet baby toys, this is the perfect beginners guide. Create delightful handmade gifts for babies with this adorable guide to knitting..
Model: 9781905503377
An innovative high-contrast bath book for young babies with captivating beach images. The bold colours and vivid black and white images enthrall very young children. Durable, waterproof pages make this book perfect for in the bath - or on the beach!..
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