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Find Your Local Bookworm

Here's a list of some of our Bookworms based in the UK. Can't find one near you? Why not sign up and join our team?

Nat - Banner Bookworms - Referral Code: NATTYJ

Amelia - Coventry Bookworms -

Jenny - Mansfield - Referral Code: JENNYT 

Emma - Edale Bookworms - Referral Code: EMMAS

Tracy - Tofraen Bookworms - Referral Code: TRACYW

Julia - Julia's Bookworms Bazaar - Referral Code JULIAO

Ann - Barnsley Bookworms - Referral Code AELLIS

Claire - Dartford Bookworms - Referral Code CLAIREO

Paris - Leicester Bookworms - Referral Code - PARISB

Jayden - Chesterfield - Referral Code - JAYDEN

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