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Evie's War

Evie's War

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Evie's War

 Bestselling author Holly Webb returns with a moving story of love, loss and learning to grow up.


In the seaside town of Whitby, when the United Kingdom is on the cusp of World War One, Evie and her family are touched by tragedy when Evie’s younger brother Alexander dies unexpectedly.

As Evie’s mother and father struggle in their own ways to come to terms with their loss, Evie’s older brother David distracts himself with the ever-growing threat of war and Evie and her sister Kitty find ways to keep their spirits up.

But when the threat of war turns into reality and David enlists in the army, Evie’s mother is truly heartbroken. And as the family does their best to contribute to the war effort, they also struggle with the sacrifices each of them are forced to make.


  • Based on the real-life bombing of Whitby in 1914, this beautiful, powerful and important read by Holly Webb is devastating but also wonderfully uplifting.

Age 9+ 

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