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The Blazing Unicorn (Dark Unicorns)

The Blazing Unicorn (Dark Unicorns)

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The Blazing Unicorn (Dark Unicorns)

An evil king, a fearsome warrior, a fight for freedom.

If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for?

For Marie, that dream becomes a reality when she stumbles across a magical unicorn deep in the forest. But when Marie - who is so kind and trusting in nature - decides to tell her father Jacob about the wishes bestowed upon her, he tricks her into giving the wishes to him.

Driven by greed, he enslaves the unicorn by demanding for never-ending wishes. Unable to say no, the unicorn submits...

Years later, the Kingdom of Quessia has slowly fallen into poverty and ruin under the rein of King Jacob. A spiteful and careless king, Jacob is disliked by all of his subjects, but little does he know that a revolution threatening his throne and his life is not too far in his future...

Will King Jacob keep the Blazing Unicorn enslaved forever and retain his throne? Will Marie ever be able to right the wrongs of her past? As exciting as it is gripping, this unicorn fairy tale from Alice Hemming will be your next favourite read.

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