How to Join Us

Becoming a Bookworm is nice and easy. Here's an overview of how it works;

We have two options when deciding to become a book worm. Our standard most popular option is £75 and with the option, you'll receive the following;

  • Book Box
  • Uniform
  • Flyers
  • Support
  • 30 Books with a retail value of £75

Bookworms buy books at a fraction of the RRP and sell them for £2.50 per book. We provide everything that you need to get started. There's no commitment to how many hours you work, or how many events you attend. You choose how often you work and when you work, allowing you to build a substantial business around your family and other commitments. There's no financial risk, if you decide you no longer want to be a Bookworm or your circumstances change, we give you a full refund for books that are returned. 

Join Us

Join Us

This is our most popular and best value way of joining Bookworms.Included in this pack;• Embroidered..


Join Us - Basic Option

Join Us - Basic Option

This is the entry level pack when joining Bookworms. Designed specifically for those only intending ..


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